DroneDefender Can Silently Take Down Drones Using Radio Frequencies

When it comes to drones, they are not the danger. Once you get a hold of this silent drone rifle, you will be the danger. One look and you’ll wonder if you’re if this is straight out of a sci-fi movie. This weapon, named¬†DroneDefender, is designed to take down drones using disruptive radio waves. It’s …

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Apocalypse Survival Weapon Kit

There’s nothing like having everything you need in one spot when everything else around you is falling apart from the inevitable apocalypse. In this little kit, you’ve got everything you need to defend yourself from attackers, zombies, and the odd creeper who doesn’t seem to be very sneaky.     Favorite

Survival Pods

Forget about finding shelter, if you want to make it through a storm, the survival pods are going to be your best friends. Nothing can penetrate these pods, you’ll be able to watch the outside world through the armored window and that way, you’ll know if it’s safe to come out or not. Favorite